We are using a starting light system now and it will go as follows.

Racers be in staging one to two motos before your race.

Ping Pong balls will be drawn out of a bucket at the staging tent.

Same as World Finals-

Split start – first moto

Have only the number of balls needed for the number of riders in the bucket

So, like balls numbered 1- 14

Riders select ball

Odd numbers: 1 , 3, 5, 7 , 9 , etc line up on the inside split line

Even numbers line up the same way on the outside split line

Racers will stage the line while the red lights are blinking- starting tower will go down the line and point at each racer, racer will nod to signal they are ready, once the tower goes down the entire line and gets to the last racer the red lights will turn solid red to signify the line is ready to race, the starting light will turn green from 1-5 seconds at the towers discretion. When the green light is lit up its time to go racing! make sure you do not cross the starting post line or you will be red flagged for jump start and you will restart with your lanyard out of the ski on on top of your head.