2024 Competition Classes(Tentative list as of 4/26/24):

ALL CLASSES ARE SUBJECT TO TURNOUT- need at minimum five racers to have a class

SOME CLASSES will race together and be scored separate to keep the day moving efficiently

SKI(stand up style PWC) CLASS:

Pro/Am ski lites

Pro/Am ski GP

Pro/Am ski stock (SXR1500)

Pro/Am 4 stroke ski lights (SJ1050)

Vintage ski Open

Vintage ski 550

Novice Ski Lites

Womens Ski lites

SPORT CLASS(Seadoo HX, Yamaha WaveBlaster, X2):

Pro/Am Sport spec

Pro/Am sport GP

Junior Sport


IJSBA competition format

Pro 1200



Pro/Am vintage X2 open (800cc maximum) 

REC LITES/ SPARK CLASS( Sea Doo Spark & Yamaha VX PWC):

Pro/Am Rec Lites 

Pro/Am Womens Rec Lites 


Stock 800 Runabout

Expert/pro Runabout 1100 limited

Womens 1100 limited

Am/nov 1100 limited

Beginner 1100 limited (youth and beginners ONLY)

Pro/Am Runabout 1100 open 

Novice Runabout 4stroke

Pro/Am Runabout 4stroke

Superchicken( SC650 watercaft only) open (800cc maximum)

Vintage two stroke runabout open

Biggie Smalls/Junior+( meant to introduce a younger or unfamiliar racer with the concepts of closed course racing):

1 family member/racing mentor on one ski + 1 Junior/beginner racer on their own ski of the same racing class


  • Superchicken class to allow handling modifications. IJSBA approved handling mods ie: Rear Sponson’s, tubbies, intake grate, ride plate NO SKEGS or RUDDERS.
  • Vintage ski 550; eligible skis – 300’s, 440’s, 550’s only. Ported/Mod skis to race vintage open. 
  • Vintage ski open; eligible skis – SN650, SX750, SX650, 300/440/550(750) conversions, FX1.701
  • only experts can race GP classes
  • minimum of (5) for each class

Questions regarding class rules, modifications etc should be directed to the IJSBA . The rule books are available on : www.IJSBA.com

The 2016 Rule Book can be found HERE

Sport Spec Rules can be found HERE