Are you ready for the best race of 2017!? Watkins Glen is not only the best venue we visit, but offers the most racing with racers coming from all over the US and Canada to compete! We don’t have a video walk through of this venue but hopefully we can describe everything well enough!

  • The GPS address that will work best according to the Town of Watkins is :

Boat Launch Rd

Watkins Glen NY, 14891


Pre-Registration is now open for Rounds 7&8 of The 2017 East Coast Watercross Tour by Jet Renu!

Pre-Registration closes 8/24/17 at 11am.

Pre-Registration is the only way for racers to lock in lower rates, multi class discounts and most importantly not having classes back to back. Also, you may hear sponsors being announced on site for each racer, this is only possible through pre-registration

You must complete the form first, and receive confirmation email, then submit payment.( the buttons allow you to use the cart function so you only need to check out once) Please read the directions on the page carefully. This information is crucial to entering you in the system correctly.

Pre-Registration can be found on our website here :

Watkins event info:


Camping is allowed on site, but only for the following nights: Friday/Saturday Sunday nights. This year the Town is charging a flat rate of $70 for all three nights. There will be 2 porta potties on site and showers and bathrooms across the street at the actual campground. The fee for camping will be entirely separate from racing and must be paid in cash. This money goes to the Town and we cannot co mingle funds. There will be a form to complete with your name and camping information that will be provided to each camper.

Sites will be marked again this year, and will be first come first serve. Parking for non-overnight racers will also be marked. If you are in a camping site, you must pay the camping fee!

If you need additional nights or full services, please inquire about the actual campground across the street.

ATV/UTV Policy —————

As always, our contract with each venue states all ATV/UTV must be insured and proof of this insurance can be demanding on site by any East Coast Watercross official or Town official. You must have proof on site.

No ATV/UTV is to be used after sunset or before sunrise

ATV/UTV must be used to move watercraft and personnel only. We have had issues in the past with free riding, this cannot continue as the Town has specifically made issue with that.

No Pitbikes

Nothing larger than a ATV/UTV is allowed to launch watercraft onsite. ATV/UTV must be moved from beach when not actively launching. If you are launching by truck, there is a launch across the street.

Hotel info ————-

Watkins Glen has few hotels, we have no official Hotel.

Course Info ———-

There is to be no riding in the course area. No practice unless EMT are on site and an East Coast Watercross Official is on course.

Beach Line/ Watercraft storage——-

Watercraft can stay in the water on a stand or anchored at the owners own risk. It is a fair rocky shore and we suggest a beach stand.

Drinking and Drug Policy——–

It has always been part of our and our predecessor’s venue contract that events are Drug and Alcohol free. Obviously we have a zero tolerance policy on drug use. If you are going to have any type of alcoholic beverage it must be at the conclusion of all motos and MUST BE IN A PLASTIC CUP. No cans or bottles allowed.

Awards Ceremony———-

We will have an awards ceremony Saturday, 1 hour after the conclusion of racing at the East Coast Watercross Tour Rig. Podium winners are required to be wearing appropriate attire and asked to please remember these pictures are shared publically. It’s a great time to represent your sponsors!

Pit Area———–

Racers must have at least one fire extinguisher in their pits and preferably one by the water if their skis are a distance from their pit area.

Racers are responsible for keeping their area clean and free of liter, during and after the race. We can’t afford to lose this location and debris was an issue last year. Also racers need to be mindful of the grass when using pit vehicles etc. Please do not spin tires or do anything that destroys their grounds.


Schedule of Events——–



This will be updated when he have final times from the EMTS


East Coast Watercross is a IJSBA Sanctioned Promoter and as such all watercraft must comply with the IJSBA class rules. Technical inspection can occur with or without notice or details as to what areas will be inspected.

Stand up classes are the only classes required to wear back protection.


Scoring Disputes————-

Must be made in writing at the registration tent, within 30 minutes of posted scores, score sheets are time coded. Once scorers return these challenges are reviewed.


Rule Book Challenges———–

Challenging racer must pay $500 to challenge a competitor. This challenge must be “in the spirit of racing” and will be subject to Race Director Approval. If the challenge is deemed legitimate, and a rule violation is found, the challenger will receive their $500 back. If a challenge is deemed legitimate, and a rule violation was unfound, the challengee receives the $500.



As you know we can’t do this alone. We are seeking volunteers to assist with site cleanup and maintence, buoy setting ( both on shore and by bringing set ups to course setter in the water) and buoy removal and deflation Sunday. It is everyone’s responsibility to make sure people are following the rules, if you see something – say something.


Racers BBQ———

Saturday Night we hold a racer’s BBQ , there is an event page on our Facebook Page @ECWatercross


Also we will be attempting to live stream the McGregor vs Mayweather fight onsite with a projector on the Tour Rig at 9pm courtesy of a few racers trying to make it happen.



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