Watkins Site Info:


Camping Specifics:

  • The event is held at Clute Memorial State Park, which is across the street from a campground. The village manages both properties and allows us to camp at Clute( primitive/no services) with a 3 night maximum due to fire codes.
  • As per the park rules, camping is a Flat fee of $100 for Friday/Sat/Sun. This fee will be charged by East Coast Watercross and must be paid by cash separately from any race fees as it goes directly to the campground. This fee covers 1 parking space and up to 4 people on that space overnight per the fire marshal code. 
  • Earliest arrival 10am Friday morning
  • Campsites will be marked by paint in the grass, with mandatory fire lanes between each space. The lanes must be kept free of ANYTHING per the Fire Marshall.
  • Campsites are first come first serve (no holding spaces for others).
  • Do not park trailers not intended for camping in a spot marked “C”
  • The park does not allow alcohol or drugs to be used or consumed. Any racer found to be under the influence or using drugs or alcohol will immediately be DQ’d.
  • Generators can not be run after 11pm.
  • There are bathrooms on site, plus porta potties.
  • The campground allows paid campers to use their public showers across the street.

Spectators left last year because there was no area for them to sit. Due to this, 2019’s site layout will be different and violators will be asked to move. Please park in designated areas only! The community collects entry for these spectators and it is necessary to provide them good access in order to be welcomed back. 


Beach/Waterfront Specifics:

  • The waterfront is a shallow, sand bottom with a 2ft natural rock wall. Skis can be left on stands in water and overnight at the risk of the owner. Many racers run a cable lock through skis bow eye. However in a normal event the shore line fills and we would suggest larger watercraft bring a shallow anchor(block with 1-2ft of rope and a flotation marker)
  • There is a paved boat launch across the street at the campground

Pit Vehicle Specifics:

  • There is a beach area where the village will mark an ATV/UTV launching zone. NO Trucks! ATV/UTVs should not be deeper than 6inches of water. Beach carts may need to be disconnected to back further into the water. This is a D.E.C. requirement. This is a zero tolerance rule as it could jeopardize our permit.
  • ATV/UTV Must be insured with proper paperwork available for local law enforcement.
  • No operators under the age of 16 will be permitted.
  • No free riding
  • No speeds above 5mph
  • No operation of pit vehicles before or after dark
  • No Pitbikes

This is a state park and these rules are dictated and enforced by the Police.


Local hotels are few and far between, online travel sites will be your best bet. House/Vacation rentals are available in town as well, again online websites are your best option.


Tour Championship info:

  • Racers who have not attended the rest of the tour are welcome!
  • Round 7 is Saturday. We use the moto system. Each racer will race 2 times in a day. Round 8 is Sunday. Racers will race 2 motos again on Sunday.
  • Championship Titles are assigned based on the average of all events. Overall Championship trophies will only be awarded to classes who competed in all 2019 Tour stops
  • Regular Tour trophies will be awarded Saturday at the conclusion of racing and Sunday at the conclusion of racing. Championship awards will follow regular awards Sunday

Race Course:

  • The entire race course area is strictly off limits, except during Course Marshall led course orientation and racing.
  • No one is to be on or in the course area without Course Marshalls on water. Violators will be DQd from the event. This is mandated by the terms of our Regatta Permit with the State.

Race Rules:

  • Racers meeting will be held at 9am both Saturday and Sunday and is Mandatory for all racers
  • Pre Registration will close Wednesday 21st at 9pm. Pre Registration is non refundable with the exception of hospitalization or death in the immediate family.
  • Pre Registration is the only way sponsors will be announced at the event, and ensure classes will be structured to not be back to back.
  • Racer position for Moto 1 is based on random computer generation. Finish order for Moto 1 will be starting position for Moto 2
  • All racers/holders must sign waivers during sign in. Participants must have PWC go through safety tech prior to racer’s meeting
  • Racers are invited to bring family on to podium for awards, please dress appropriately due to photography.
  • There will be a “fast lane” for racers who have pre registered. Please print waiver included with confirmation email to speed the process. Please do not sign until witnessed by East Coast Watercross staff


  • Concession or selling of merchandise is not permitted on site.
  • Commercial photography must be approved with signed release.
  • Drones are not permitted.

We have a racers BBQ Saturday after awards. Please bring a dish to share.



Friday :

Course/event set up

Athlete parking


Saturday reg/sign in 730-830am

Racers meeting 9:00am

Course orientation : 930am

Racing Begins: 10am