Thank you for considering partnering with East Coast Watercross. We have packages for everyone from a small local business to a nationwide business seeking title sponsorship. We welcome you to inquire at   for a full list of available options.  A brief look at 3 sponsorship options and packages can be found below:


Racing Class Sponsorship:

East Coast Watercross is now accepting “racing class”sponsors for the season. What is this? As a “class” sponsor your business name will be listed during the sponsored race (2x on either Saturday or Sunday or both if you sponsor both days) and your sponsorship dollars go directly to the top 3 racers prize money for that class. As the sponsor you will be included in the podium picture(with top 3 racers) if you or a representative are present on race day. Race Announcer will announce the race as “…the Example Company.. sport spec class race” throughout the day as well as during the race.

Please inquire at for details. Pricing is $200 per day… space is limited so please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Holeshot Award:

East Coast Watercross  looking for interested companies or individuals, that would like to sponsor a class-HOLESHOT Award.

Just like in the main events of Supercross races, the first rider to the first turn (buoy will be marked), takes home some cash!!

•Companies or individuals can choose cash amount ($25 minimum) and class or classes they would like to sponsor.

•Multiple sponsors in the same class, will just add to the excitement. No sponsor limit per class.

•Companies or individuals sponsoring a HOLESHOT Award, will get announced during riders meetings, before an after selected classes and during award ceremonies.

•HOLESHOT cash awards, will be distributed during award ceremonies by company representative or individual.

To inquire about the Holeshot award please email us at



Series Sponsorship:

Thank you for considering partnering with East Coast Watercross. We have packages for everyone from a small local business to a nationwide business seeking title sponsorship. We welcome you to inquire at   for a full list of available options.  

Please take a moment to read this brief history of East Coast Watercross’s creator Christopher Yates:

East Coast Watercross is being brought to you by Christopher Yates, who has almost two decades experience in the motorsports industry having developed several extremely popular motor sports related sites in the early 200o’s.

Yates started in the motorsports industry as a motorcycle enthusiast himself which lead to the creation of Xtreeme Motor Sports in 1999. Xtreeme Motor Sports quickly became the second largest motorcycle stunt picture website who before closing shop in 2006; at its height, it received over 5 million worldwide visitors per month! During that time Yates also ran a video production company first releasing SnoCross racing videos filmed primarily with Rock Maple Racing in the Northeastern US, but had the opportunities to film with some of the national greats such as Tucker Hilbert and Blair Morgan. Next, Yates entered into motorcycle stunt industry in its early beginnings and was a contributing videographer to such stunt films as Told Colbert’s Judgment Day 1 &2, GMO’s Dominate Tricks, Scooter Trash’s Streets of Chaos and many others. In 2005 Yates released a multi team stunt video that was produced from 2003-2005 featuring 15 US Stunt teams titled United We Stunt, which was fully licensed and translated for sale in 8 Countries around the World.  Yates went on to film drifting, motocross, pit bikes, water cross, freestyle motocross,etc. both in the US and abroad.

During Yates’ career behind the camera he had the opportunity to film with industry greats such as Mike Metzger, Benoit Milot, Jeremy McGrath, Rhys Millen, Tommy Clowers, Ronnie Renner, Jamie Little, Trevor Vines, Travis Hart, Mat Rebeaud, Craig Jones,  nearly every stunt team in the game at that time, plus many athletes and teams around the Globe.

After leaving the industry in 2006 to focus on his career in finance and investing, Yates spent 10 years away from the energy and excitement of the motor sports industry and has finally decided to come back to the industry with the formation of East Coast Watercross in 2016. East Coast Watercross has purchased and rebranded the former Region 8 Race series that was run by the North East Watercraft Alliance. The series will continue the legacy built by former promoter Wayne Ordon, and move forward with building on the already successful platform and expanding the regional program.

Below find a brief visual look at Yates’ history in the MotorSports Industry:

Below are 3 versions ( US Market, European Market, Asian Market) of Yates’ motorcycle stunt film “United We Stunt”

us xms sleeveUS Version


japan uws frontjapan uws rearJapanese Version


Euro United We StuntEuro United Stunt backEuropean Market



Below are some of the motorsport’s athletes Yates has had the opportunity to film for/with in the 2000’s:

Yates_Morgan Blair Morgan: SnoX Legend


yates_clowers Tommy Clowers: FMX


yates_dmannDerrick “Dmann” Daigle : Street Bike Freesytle


yates_hart Travis Hart : Mini Bike FMX


yates_legionLegion Stunt Team: Motorcycle Stunt


yates_littleJamie Little : ESPN Announce, Pit Bike Racer


yates_mcgrathJeremy McGrath : 2 Wheeled superstar


yates_metzger Mike Metzger : FMX innovator


yates_millenRhys Millen: Rally car and Drift racer


yates_renner Ronnie Renner : FMX


yates_shultzTony Schultz: Team Toyo drifter


yates_vinesTrevor Vines: FMX




We look forward to hearing how we can partner with your business! Please contact us at to get started!