East Coast Watercross Racer Info:

Please follow our social media pages for the most up to the minute information Facebook @ECWatercross and Instagram @EastCoastWatercross

To be eligible to race:

Racers must join the International Jet Sports Boating Association to compete. While this can be done at the venue, it is encouraged to join at http://www.ijsba.com/join-ijsba/  . Membership can be purchased online at any time, if your card does not arrive prior to the first race, this is ok, we will have a master list.

Racers must have a machine that is legal for a class according to the IJSBA rule book. This can be found here: http://www.ijsba.com/rulebook/     Every racer both new and seasoned should be familiar with the class rules, and modifications allowed. Tech inspections may occur at any race, any time during the event weekend prior to final awards. Racers found to be violating any modification rules will forfeit their points for that round and scored as DQ’d. This is regional racing, don’t cheat, race to the front.


Typical ECW Classes:

Sport Spec

Sport GP

Ski Stock

Ski GP

Beginner Ski

Vintage Ski

Runabout 800 Open

Runabout 4 stroke Open

Spark Open

X2 Open

Super Chicken

Beginner classes are designed to give a new racer a taste of racing, Race Director may require a proven podium finisher to move to the next class.




In all 800cc Ski Classes, all normally aspirated two-stroke watercraft may increase engine displacement to 850cc maximum displacement.

In an effort to preserve the grassroots nature of regional racing, East Coast Watercross, may with approval of the IJSBA run unique classes such as our “Super Chicken” races with SC650 watercraft. If you have a watercraft that does not fit the above list and have at least 4 others who will register, please contact us prior to the event to develop a custom class. Our email is info@eastcoastwatercross.com

Safety equipment is required. Please refer to the IJSBA handbook for required gear.


Race Day:

Each day is its own round of racing. Points will be totaled for each day, trophies will be awarded to the top three finishers. Minimum class size to receive a trophy: 3. Points carry forward for the season overall.  A series champion will be awarded based on points.

Entry fee: Payable by cash or credit card, no checks allowed.

Trophies will be awarded for regular classes with 3+ Participants, and 6+ entrants. Tour Championship awards are only presented for competitors who compete in all tour stops. Trophies are presented on site only, no awards will be shipped for any circumstance. Awards ceremonies are held Saturday, and at some events Sunday. At normal tour stops, Sunday racing’s awards take place at the following event’s Saturday awards ceremony in order to get competitors on the road early.

Preregistration will generally open 2 weeks prior to race day on www.EastCoastWatercross.com , preregistration is encouraged

Racers can begin setting up at the venue at daybreak. Many racers elect to bring EZup tents; space is limited to first come first serve. No vending allowed at race site without writing approval by the Race Director.

(times subject to change and will be announce on social media prior to the event) Onsite registration will be open from 8:00am-9:00am, please see ECW Enclosed trailer

Racers Meeting is mandatory and will occur promptly at 9:30 am, racers not attending will not be assigned a starting position and must have a dead engine start. Do not leave the riders meeting until you have been assigned a starting position.

Practice Starts at 10am

Racing will occur throughout the day; all competition classes will run 1 practice, and 2 motos. Scores will be average for an overall finish for the Round of racing.

Racers are expected to secure two holders for each racer. We understand you may not be able to bring them from home; in this case you must make arrangements to find them on site. Make friends on the beach; ask them if they can help for both motos, it will help you to have regular holders. Races will not be held late due to racers not finding their own holders

Races are started with the snap of a band, line flagger will go do the line pointing at each racer, and you must nod to acknowledge you are ready for the start, if you are not ready due to engine failure or other issue, raise a hand. Once flagger has gone down the entire line, the starting gate operator has between 1 and 5 seconds to snap the band. If a racer jumps the starting band 1x or more they will be forced to start the race dead engine, throttle hand on helmet and lanyard disconnected. False starts delay completion, destroy the equipment and delay the day. Please be responsible.

Trophies will be awarded on the day of racing, if you are unable to attend, trophies will be held until the next race

Race Site Guidelines:

No off pit bikes allowed at the race venue or official grounds. ATV’s or Side by Side’s may be used as a tool to move watercraft to and from the pit areas only and owner must provide valid proof of Liability insurance prior to riding. Race Director or ECW staff will place a colored circle sticker on the front of the ATV to show it is insured. This will happen each competition weekend and will have its own unique decal. Golf carts can be used without proof of insurance, at the discretion of the race director.  Licensed, and Insured on road vehicles will be allowed on the race site. No motorized vehicles allowed to be used after sundown on race venue or official areas. These vehicles are to be used as tools and no joy riding will be permitted. Each venue may have specific guidelines, if you have questions please contact us prior to arrival at the venue. Golden rule: any non race vehicle is to be used as a tool to move watercraft, gear or racers only.

Fueling of watercraft must be done responsibly. Many locations have requested the use of an official fueling area do to spillage. Due to this ECW will designate a refueling area off the shore for this purpose. Please see Race Director for site specific information.

Racers are expected to leave the race venue in the shape it was found or better. Trash must be removed, grass should not be torn up, spills cleaned up etc. These venues are public places and in order to continue being allowed to use them we must use them with respect to the community.

Camping is available at some locations, depending on local rules and regulations. Violation of a no camping policy will result in a racer(s) being ejected from the event. East Coast Watercross is merely renting event  location’s and has no control over local rules and ordinances.  This is a zero tolerance rule.

Still have a question? Please contact us at info@eastcoastwatercross.com !