Official East Coast Watercross Merchandise

East Coast Watercross is an Authorized Jet Renu Retailer shipping directly from New York. We are proud to offer these great products directly to you, and we are building our line to ensure we carry everything to satisfy your cleaning needs!

The Essential Pak:

Whats in the Essential Pak: (1) 16oz Jet Renu Protector, (1) 16oz Jet Renu Pink Plus, (1) 16oz Jet Renu Purple, 1 Wax Pads, 2 Micofiber towels and (2) Spray Nozzle Attachments. The Essential Kit has everything you need in one handy Pak to clean, polish, shine and protect any watercraft to maintain that new like look!

$36.00 Only available in the Lower48 at this time



Jet Renu Pink PLUS 16oz Individual Bottle:

Pink Plus:Jet Renu “Pink+” has all the benefits of the original formula “Pink” but includes a special blend or our “Red” which is Jet Renu’s specialty water spot remover. “Pink Plus” is our number one seller because it acts as a 2 in 1 product effectively eliminating fresh hard water deposits, leaving a high gloss and just waxed finish. The use of “Pink Plus” cleans & protects in one application.

$15.00 Only available in the Lower 48 at this time



Jet Renu Green All Purpose Cleaner 16oz Individual Bottle:

Jet Renu GREEN All Purpose Cleaner: Jet Renu “Green” All Purpose Cleaner was formulated to cut through those tough grime stains on many different types of surfaces and materials. “Green” works safely on vinyl seats, upholstery, carpet, tires and any scuff marks. “Green” also removes exhaust residue on your painted surface. Our all-purpose cleaner is like no other product. “Green” powers through built up dirt and grime with a pleasant lemon scent. Just spray on, wipe off, environmentally safe, non-toxic and biodegradable

$12.00 Only available in the Lower 48 at this time


Jet Renu YELLOW Degreaser 16oz Individual Bottle:

Jet Renu YELLOW degreaser: Jet Renu “Yellow” Degreaser out performs any commercial degreaser style cleaner on the market. “Yellow” is made with specialty surfactants and alkaline builders that won’t harm your engine’s metal components. Works great in solvent tanks to rapidly cut through heavy oil and grease with ease. Can also be used on wheels, rims, inboard / outboard motors.

$12.00 Only available in the Lower 48 at this time






** Apparel Ordering will be available again shorty**

ECW Racer Tee Shirt ( Gildan Brand Ultra Cotton Tee shirt)

(Close up of logo on ECW Racer)

ecw tee close

black ecw frt logo

blue ecw frt tee

cardinal ecw frt tee

pink ecw frt tee



ECW Ladies Racer Back Tank ( Badger Brand, Performance RacerBack Tank)

(Close up of Logo On Anchor Tank)

blue racer back 1


blue anchor



pink anchor


ECW Hoodie ( Hanes 50/50 Hooded Sweatshirt)

Close up of Logo on ECW Hoodie

sweatshirt close

black hoodie


grey hoodie