2021 Competition Classes(Tentative list as of 4/23/2021):

SKI(stand up style PWC) CLASS:

Novice ski lites (juniors 14-15yrs allowed)

Expert ski lites

Expert ski GP

Vintage ski Open

SPORT CLASS(Seadoo HX, Yamaha WaveBlaster, X2):

Novice sport spec

Expert sport spec

Expert sport GP


IJSBA competition format


Novice X2 open (800cc maximum)

Expert X2 open (800cc maximum) 

REC LITES/ SPARK CLASS( Sea Doo Spark & Yamaha VX PWC):

Novice Rec Lites 

Womens Rec Lites

Expert Rec lites


Novice Runabout 800 limited

Expert Runabout 800 limited

Runabout 800 Super Stock

Runabout 1000 Super Stock

Novice Runabout 4stroke

Expert Runabout 4stroke

Superchicken( SC650 watercaft only) open (800cc maximum)


  • Superchicken class to allow handling modifications. IJSBA approved handling mods ie: Rear Sponson’s, tubbies, intake grate, ride plate NO SKEGS or RUDDERS.
  • Vintage ski; eligible skis – 300’s, 440’s, 550’s only. Ported/Mod skis to race vintage open. 
  • Vintage ski open; eligible skis – SN650, SX750, SX650, 300/440/550(750) conversions, FX1.701
  • only experts can race GP classes
  • minimum of (5) for each class

Questions regarding class rules, modifications etc should be directed to the IJSBA . The rule books are available on : www.IJSBA.com

The 2016 Rule Book can be found HERE

Sport Spec Rules can be found HERE